Kolegji “Arbëri” (ish Gjilani) në Gjilan është themeluar në vitin 2006 si institucion privat i arsimit të lartë. Institucioni fillimisht është licencuar nga MASHT me emrin KOLEGJI UNIVERSITAR „GJILANI“, me seli në Gjilan (nr. i vendimit të licencës 1538/02-1, më 21.11.2007) për vitin akademik 2006/07 me programet e studimeve Bachelor në Fakultetin Ekonomik me drejtimet: Banka, Financa e Kontabilitet si dhe Menaxhment dhe Informatikë, në Fakultetin Jurdik me drejtimet: Juridik i përgjithshëm dhe Kriminalistikë; në Fakultetin e Edukimit me drejtimet: Parafillor dhe Fillor dhe në Fakultetin e shkencave sociale me drejtimet: Gjuhë angleze dhe Psikologji. Që nga viti 2009/10, Institucioni ynë është profiluar vetëm për programet e studimeve në ekonomi dhe juridik.

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Kolegji Arbëri

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Kolegji Arberi
Rruga e Ferizajit pa nr
 60000 Gjilan, Kosovë
+377 (0) 44/187-181

The Gjilani University College is pleased to announce the Winter 2013 International Development Program as the first program in its series of international studies programs that are offered through its School of International Studies.

 The program is an intensive academic and professional training with focus on international development. Kosovo, as a post conflict and newly independent country in the heart of South East Europe, is a unique place for such a program to take place in.

 The idea to establish the School of International Studies as one university body of the Gjilani University College which administers international education programs came about after the very successful Balkans Peace Program of Summer 2012 that was organized and administered by the Bislimi Group Foundation and hosted by the Gjilani University College.

 We are certain that our SIS programs will offer a wonderful opportunity to all participating students to learn about many fields of study with an international touch. The Winter 2013 International Development Program provides an academically, professionally, culturally, and socially enriching experience students interested in international development studies.

 We hope you will join us for this Winter program and we look forward to welcoming you to Gjilan, Kosovo in the near future.



 The Winter 2013 International Development Program is intended to supplement, enhance, and increase a student’s knowledge in the field of international development. This program consists of 60 hours of intensive instruction in three international development modules (20 hours each) along with at least 40 hours of research study and guided self-study (for a total of 100 hours). This program is ideal for students, young professionals, and junior practitioners who wish to undertake a short study program focused on international development in an all-English setting of instruction and communication.

 Students registered in this program undergo graded/reviewed tests and have to complete all of the required assignments. The program is offered in English.


A typical program weekly schedule looks like the following:

Monday-Friday:          10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, morning class

                               12:00 PM to 1:30 PM, lunch break

                               1:30 PM to 3:30 PM, afternoon class and case studies


The three modules of the International Development Program are: International Development: Theory, Policy, and Practice; International Organizations and Institutions; and Poverty, Growth and Human Rights in a Globalized World.

 Each module is taught by a qualified instructor who, at least, holds a master’s degree in international development studies or a related discipline from an accredited university.  A key feature of the program is the Guest Speaker Series, which provides students with guest lectures by well-known academics or professionals of the field.

 The program can be completed in three weeks on a full-time basis.


A detailed report – official transcript - containing student particulars, module descriptions and workload as well as a total of 15 ECTS credits (5 ECTS credits for each module) is issued at the end of the program along with a Certificate of Completion.

 All students enrolled in the Winter 2013 International Development Program will be considered as visiting students of the Gjilani University College and will be entitled to all benefits and responsibilities of regular students, including library access, computer lab access etc.



 To apply to the program, an interested candidate should submit the following documents in electronic form to international@kugjilani.org no later than Friday, 1 February 2013:

-          A cover letter explaining the candidate’s interest in the program

-          A copy of the candidate’s university/college transcript or certificate of enrollment

-          CV / Resume

-          Copy of photo page of the candidates passport

-          Confirmation of employment – for employed candidates

-          Copy of high school diploma – for high school graduates that are not enrolled in a university/college.


Once a complete application is reviewed, the candidate will be informed in writing, via email, about his or her admission into the program in about one week after the application deadline.



 The cost for this program is 1,300.00 EUR. The cost includes:

-          all tuition and fees

-          accommodation for the entire program duration

-          airport transfer

-          transcript and certificate fees

-          program graduation ceremony (incl. dinner)


Once a candidate is offered admission into the program, he/she must make the full payment of the program cost directly to the Gjilani University College via electronic or wire transfer in Euros.

 Refund Policy:  For an accepted candidate who has made the program payment in full but cannot attend the program because of an acceptable reason, a refund will be processed in accordance with the following terms:

-          withdrawal from the program 21 days before the program’s start date,  80% of program cost is refunded (a fee of 260 EUR is non-refundable and is used to cover administrative costs of the application);

-          withdrawal from the program 14 days before the program’s start date,  65% of program cost is refunded;

-          withdrawal from the program 7 days before the program’s start date,  35% of program cost is refunded;

-          withdrawal from the program 6 or less days before the program’s start date, no refund.


Acceptable reasons include: close family issues, change in employment status, change is studies status, health reasons, and others reasons deemed acceptable by the program staff.

 As Kosovo starts to implement an entry visa regime for citizens of some 87 countries around the world, we are happy to inform all potential candidates that need a visa to travel to Kosovo that we will help them with that process. Visa issuance is the sole responsibility of Kosovo consulates across the world.  If a visa to enter Kosovo is denied, the candidate whose visa application was denied will be entitled to a 90% refund of the entire program cost.



 For all inquiries that you may have, please feel free to contact us at anytime:

Gjilani University College

School of International Studies

Rruga e Ferizajt PN

60000 Gjilan


Tel/Fax: +381 280 325 420

 Web: www.kugjilani.com/international/

 Email: international@kugjilani.com


The Gjilani University College is an institution of higher education fully licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the Accreditation Agency of Kosovo.

International Development Program